Al Harith Ibn Umarys Azadi's Tomb at Tafilah

As mentioned and promised earlier, we had a brief stop at Al Hariths Ibn Umayrs Azadi’s tomb around 15:36 hours. Nana took the opportunity performing her Zuhur-Asar prayers, while Afi spent the time with his sketchbook, sketching the modest but well designed Masjid.
Al Hariths Ibn Umayrs was one of the Prophet’s companions or Sahabah. He was sent by the Prophet Muhammad saw (peace be upon him) to deliver a message to the King of Basra, but was captured and martyred by the Ruler of the district of Mu’tah believed to be during the battle of Mu’tah. He is said to be the only Sahabah martyred during the mission. May Allah swt be pleased with him.
Masjid is the ‘House of Allah swt’, a place that He like most, while visiting tomb or cemetery, what more to say, the tomb of the Sahabah radiayyallah hu Ajmain, is the most encouraged thing for any Muslim to do. There was no specific frequency mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad saw (peace be upon him), however, if there are other Muslim passed away, we should voluntarily spend time to join the funeral. This will help to remind us about the purpose of our existence in this temporarily world.
Regarding the Masjid, during the Prophet Muhammad saw (peace be upon him), no men perform their obligatory prayers at home except the hypocrites. Even Rasullullah saw (peace be upon him) himself asked his Sahabahs’ help to shoulder him to the Masjid for the obligatory prayers if he is very ill. To show the importance of performing the obligatory prayers in the Masjid, in one of the hadiths, he said; he will ask the small children to collect fire woods for him to burn the houses of any men who did not perform his obligatory prayers in the Masjid.
Half an hour later, we left the Masjid and the tomb of Al Hariths Ibn Umayrs Azadi with mixed feeling.


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