Being Happy!


Andrew Matthews is an international speaker on attitude, happiness, success and prosperity. In the field of motivation and personal development, his books, "Being Happy!" is classic. This book is about understanding yourself, being able to laugh at yourself, becoming more prosperous and being able to forgive yourself. It also discusses understanding natures laws so we can better deal with our own natures.
The author writes in a very entertaining and simple style. The book is structured in a way that builds you up-and-into the life that you deserve; first by controlling the mind and then by pursuing what it is that will make you happy. What I like most about this book is it's simplicity; it contains lots of tips and information, more-so than most books in this genre, and yet nothing is heavy, it is all made so simple, like you are recieving advice in conversation with the worldly wise. It is also peppered with inspirational quotes which gives it incredible motivational power.
I have few collections of Andrew Matthews', like, "Follow Your Heart" and "Happiness Now".