ZS5: Meeting place of Bahira & Abu Talib at Busra

After minutes walk, exploring the 'city', we arrived to a place claimed to be a meeting place between a famous Christian monk named Bahira and Abu Talib – the uncle of the great Messenger of Allah swt, Prophet Muhammad saw (peace be upon him). The place was one of the important items in our agenda at Busra. According to the story - by Amir and that I gathered from my reading; either when Prophet Muhammad saw (peace be upon him) was 9 or 12 years old, he accompanied his uncle Abu Talib ibn Abd Al Mutallib during their business trip with a Makkan caravan. When the caravan was passing by his cell, the monk invited them to a feast. They accepted the invitation, leaving the boy to guard the camel. Bahira (his real name was Georges), however, insisted that everyone in the caravan should come to him. He entertained them generously and lavishly. Then a miraculous occurrence indicated to the monk that Muhammad was to become a prophet.
He had never been in the habit of receiving or entertaining them before. He readily enough recognized the Prophet Muhammad saw [peace be upon him] and said while taking his hand; "This is the master of all humans. Allah swt will send him with a Message which will be a mercy to all beings." Abu Talib asked; "How do you know that?" He replied; "When you appeared from the direction of ‘Aqabah, all stones and trees prostrated themselves, which they never do except for a Prophet. I can recognize him also by the seal of Prophethood which is below his shoulder, like an apple. We have got to learn this from our books." He also asked Abu Talib to send the boy back to Makkah and not to take him to Syria for fear of the Jews. Abu Talib obeyed and sent him back to Makkah with some of his men servants.
Really...., it was an indescribable experience when all of landed our feet on this nostalgic spot. Astonished and amazed, Afi captured the serenity of the spot in his sketchbook. We met a group of South African families in front of the building before he moved on. Alhamdullillah wa Allah hu Alam.