world Tallest Twin Tower:&:Masjid Asshakirin KLCC

Masjid Asshakirin KLCC is dwarf by the world tallest Twin Towers. In my opinion, my interpretation about this photo; the Twin Tower steadfastly standing in front of the Masjid denotes the shahadah – there is no god accept Almighty Allah swt and Muhammad (pbuh) is His Messenger. Apart from that, the towers are the manifestation of creativity, efforts, unity and trust. If we work hard, putting our hands, brains and soul together, insyaAllah – God willing, we will achieve what we want to achieve. And, we must do it for the sake of Allah swt and better life thereafter – destiny – our ultimate goal. Allah swt give us this world, being the 3rd phase of our journey, is to build our inner self and to continuously enhance our faith for our better life.
Another thing that I could learn from this picture is that, the physical appearance is not always the determining factor of success, but what imperative for someone to build genuine success in this world and life thereafter is his relationship with Allah swt and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad saw (pbuh).