5th TOUR of DUTY


On February 6, 2011, AirAsia flight no. AK5164 witnessed the transition of the 5th chapter of my life or rather the 5th point of my Tour-Of-Duty. At 16:20 hours sharp, the Malaysian pioneer of a low cost flight service popular known for its catchy tag-line “Now Everyone Can Fly”, bridged my special assignment from the 2nd world largest LNG Complex to the unchallengeable world tallest twin tower. It was really a mixed feeling: as an imperfect human being, the sense of pride aroused when I was called to carry out a special assignment at the Executive Vice President office of the Malaysian Oil & Gas Giant – one of the Fortune 400 companies, but on the other hand, facing new challenges within the hectic and demanding KL’s life is going to be a strenuous episode of my life. One has to be disciplined and always at constant speed to catch up with the arduous laborious lifestyle of any big developed city, such as KL. Well, what choice do I have? Either you eject yourself out from the system or join it. I was not given a chance to exercise my right; I mean to allow me to wisely think before suggesting any decision. Again, who am I to do so? May Allah swt give me strength, determination and health to persevere the 5th chapter of my life.