Bangkok JAM::not only traffic?


One will not have been considered to Bangkok, if they do not get squeezed by the jam aka Bangkok Jam! Well, in many densely populated big cities in this world, traffic congestion especially during the peak rush hour is quite normal – people are getting used to it. So does in Bangkok. But what have made it more interesting are the colors of the taxi – mostly pink, the three wheels ‘tok-tok’, busses, etc.
Apart from that, however, not only the roads are jam-packed with vehicles, even the pedestrian bridges are pack with people! Amazing.
Shopping Malls are also included in the list, especially those who are offering sales items. Out of curiousity, we went here (couldn't remember the name - just 5 minutes walking from our partner's office) around 18:10 hours and forced squeezing ourselves out from the complex at 18:30 hours. What a wasted effort & time? There the saying goes, "curiosity kills the cat"..ha.ha..