Surmonting one of the biggest insects...


Chalcosoma caucasus, popularly known as the ‘Atlas beetle’, is one of the largest insects on earth. I have another articles claimed that, this species of beetle could carry a weight 850 times then itself, which make it the strongest insect on earth. Males often measure up to an impressive 120 mm (4.75 inches) in length. This particular species is the largest of the genus, which contains two other species, Chalcosoma Atlas and Chalcosoma Mollenkampi. Only the males have enormous, curved horns, whereas the female is far smaller, and without horns.
During our recent visit to the butterfly farm of Malaysia Zoo Negara, M Aiman, Afiqah and their best cousin – Nureen, surmounted the ‘beetle’! …. Amazing?


Andrew Teh said...

Caucasus and Atlas both are same family but The Atlas beetle differs from other Chalcosoma species (such as Chalcosoma Caucasus) in the end of the cephalic horn of the Atlas, which is broadened.