Part II::slaughtering SACRIFICE d Masjid Darul Hidayah way

The weather was great and people from all walks of life and organisations around Bintulu, joined hands putting their minds and soul together seeking the Blessing from Allah Rabul Jalil during the holy day of Eid ul Adha. Alhamdullillah, 11 cows were smoothly slaughtered and processed mainly because of the concerted efforts orchestrated by the management of MDH. As the saying goes, ‘no mountain is high when there is a will.. and when there is a will there will be a way’.
The fundamental teaching of Islam is love and teamwork….and, Allah swt likes our group work not selfishness and silo mentality
In the above picture, Muhammad Afiq, Muhmmad Asri and Afi were also present, not only to observe the slaughtering of the sacrifice but also lended their hands in the processing line. It is encouraged for the owner of the sacrifice to slaughter the sacrifice animal or they would authorize it to any expert and they are encourage to observe the ritual.