PartI::slaughtering SACRIFICE d Masjid Darul Hidayah way

Alhamdullillah, this year Masjid Darul Hidayah (MDH) managed to handle 11 sacrifices and that was not their first time. Kudos to the management of MDH!! But what I wanted to share here or something that I was really impressed was the way they have managed and processed the sacrifices. I would say, their way in managing the whole process is the best that I’d ever experience.

First, the cows were kept in the temporary pen made from scaffolding materials sponsored by one of the contractors in Bintulu. The sacrifices, I mean the cows, were definitely well fed and cared. Kids love their beautiful physiques but some sympathized when they see its sparkling eyes. No matter what, Allah swt promised that, the animal – the sacrifice will become means of transport for those who slaughter sacrifices. Amiin

Next step, they lured the cows (by its favorite foods – the grass) to the ‘slaughtering house’ similarly made by scaffolding materials. There are two rows of the house with 4 chambers or compartments each, which means at one time they could slaughter 8 cows at one single time. After been slaughtered in compliance or accordance with the Islamic rights, the sacrifices were transferred by pick-up truck to a clean area for skinning process, etc.