Ta'lim : Part XXVII


Hadrat Anas Radhiyallahu anhu (ra) narrates that he heard the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw (pbuh) saying, “When a person offers his solat at its fixed hours with proper ablution, with humility and submission and with qiyam, ruku’ and sujud done satisfactorily, then such a solat rises up in a bright and beautiful form and blesses the person in words: ‘May Allah swt guard you as you have guarded me.’ On the other hand, if a person is not punctual with his solat nor does he perform wudhu, qiyam, ruku and sujud properly, then solat rises up in an ugly and dark shape and curses the person by saying, “May Allah swt ruin you as you have ruined me!” Then it is flung back like a dirty rag at the face of the person.”
Lucky are those whose solat is so perfect in all respects that this most important worship of Allah would pray for them. But what to say about the solat which most of the people are wont? They go into sujud direct from ruku, and they hardly lift their head from first sujud when they go for the second like a crow pecking at something. The curse that such a person deserves is mentioned in this hadith. When the solat is cursing us then what else can check our downfall? This is why the condition of the Muslims is deteriorating day by day in every nook and corner of the world.
The same description is given in another hadith, with the addition that a solat offered by a person with sincerity and devotion rises up highly illuminated, the gates of Heaven are let open for its reception, and then it intercedes (before Allah) for His devotee.
The Prophet Muhammad saw (pbuh) has said, “The likeness of a person not bowing fully in ruku is that of a pregnant woman aborting just before delivery.”In a hadith, it is stated. “There are many fasting persons who get nothing out of their fast except hunger and thirst, and there are many worshippers who keep a vigil but get nothing from their vigil except sleeplessness.