...it only lasted less than 10 minutes


While on the way to Miri yesterday (I took a day off and flew back to Bintulu early in the morning – touched down at Bintulu airport at 9:36 hours), Masom, astonishingly called and forced us to open Al-Jazeera for the Breaking News – Tokyo hit by 8.9 Richter-scale earthquake simultaneously by 7-10 meters Tsunami. Unfortunately though, we were not able to access any satellite assisted devices to witness the horrifying scene. The whole world communities were shocked and stunned with the horrendous breaking news. However, on the other side of the coin, the Japanese who were used with the dreadful situation were calmed and what amazed me, despite the devastating effect of the current, the damages were relatively minimal. Our thoughts are with you. The above two photos were downloaded from the internet.