one fine morning@Putrajaya::live with 3rd Hot Air Balloon Fiesta


Some of the hot air balloons with the Minister of Finance building (and some other Government buildings) as background. The photo was taken from the Putrajaya Bridge. One could see in the background, Para-gliders showing their skill maneuvering the balloons.
It was a bright Sunday morning. After spending almost one and a half hour at Tonka Bean Café, Impiana Hotel and SPA, KLCC, I drove my 8 years old Trajet to Putrajaya. I arrived there at around 09:35 hours and parked my car on the famous Putrajaya Bridge, simply because the car park was fully occupied.

I’ve read about this balloon thing few weeks ago and very eager to watch it life. Planned to go on Saturday, but weather was not suitable for photo shooting – a little bit cloudy and temperature was dull. Furthermore, Zailan invited me to his ‘doa selamat’ that I felt obligated. Besides experiencing weekend in KL, my main intention visiting the 3rd Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was testing my photography skill with my new Nikon D7000.