my URIC acid maybe?


I have felt the pain on my right knee since last Wednesday after I came back from my business trip in KL. I thought I could survive with it with my diclofenac sodium, but the pain persist and slowly getting severe. On Friday that week, I had another workshop in Karambunai Sabah! O Allah, how would I endure it? I prayed before Allah swt to give me strength and capability to manage the facilitation of our first ever workshop on our Vision, Mission and Leadership Interventions. I will share you my Karambunai story in my next release. Now, let me continue with my ‘Uric Acid’ story. After the Karambunai trip I resumed my office as there were so many things need to be followed through, settled and organized. To cut the long story short, I realized that (on Friday night) the swell on my right knee and leg is getting bigger. I then, decided to go to the nearest hospital – Columbia Asia to seek doctor’s advice on the condition. Upon arrival, the security ushered me to the emergency counter and after about not more than15 minutes, a doctor named Vijay (I hope I get his name correctly) attended me. He advised me to see an Orthopedic. He immediately called and explained to the Orthopedic about the situation. The Orthopedic was about to come (as I was informed by Dr Vijay) but, unfortunately his administration staff advised him that I must have a Guarantee Letter to continue with the diagnosis. I didn’t want to argue about it but instead decided to listen to his advice (my blood pressure was then 99/139). He prepared me a Request for Guarantee Letter and asked to see our panel clinic the next morning. In the next morning, after having our breakfast at the new Refah CafĂ©, we went to the Bintulu old town, Medan Jaya and Raya looking for any reputable panel clinic. Luck was not on our side, some clinics closed at 12:00 noon, some are not ING panel clinic and some are lack of basic facilities, like parking, etc. But I believed there must be reasons behind it. Allah swt knows better for the imperfect human being like us.
I finally decided to go back home and informed our Company’s doctor and HR Manager via sms about my condition and situation, at the same time seeking advice from them. Our Company’s doctor never replies my sms until later in the evening. On the other hand, our HR Manager was sensitive and responsive enough, that he went to his office to prepare the Guarantee Letter and sent it to me at my house my hand. Millions of thanks to you, Hj Matnor, for your efforts, etc.!!. However, I didn’t visit the hospital that night. At about 09:15 my wife and I went to the hospital and informed the administration staff about the intent of my visit. They informed, there was no doctor on Sunday! I asked to call Dr Azani, the Orthopedic whom I supposed to meet yesterday. After about 30 minutes of waiting, Dr Azani arrived and greeted me. I think he has done his homework well that he knew everything about my leg condition. After shook hands with him, he ushered me to the treatment room and explained me the procedure that he planned to do on my knee. Speak fluent standard Sarawakian, this Kelantanees doctor married to a Kuching folk is relatively new in Bintulu. He assured me that I will feel better after the extraction of liquid from my knee. Immediately after injecting local anesthetic, he extracted about 50 ml of liquid (probably a mix of Uric acid and other liquids) out of my right knee. It took him about less than 15 minutes for the whole procedure and believed me; I felt no pain throughout the process…. Alhamdullillah, praise only to Allah swt and feeling better now. That was my first ever minor operation that I had to go through since I experienced the acute gout attack. Hopefully it was not due to osteoarthritis! O Allah the most Compassionate and most Merciful, please give us all good health. Below is the sample of the synovial fluid.