one of my favorites 'farewell note'


Reading farewell note or message especially those well written with a very touchy story line and beautiful words is one of my favorite’s things though most of the time shed my tears. However, bidding someone’s farewell is actually a pain thing that I would do. Below is one of favorites ‘farewell note’ that I’ve read::enjoy:

Today is my last working day in MLNG. 1/12/04 - 22/9/11. I’ll never forget these two dates. MLNG is the first and the only company that I’ve been employed since. MLNG has given me so much and thanks alone won’t be enough.
Over the past 7 years, it has been a pleasure to serve MLNG and TES/3. However, after much thought and consideration, I believe this is the right time for my family and I to begin a new chapter in our lives. I feel the change will be beneficial to my long term career goals and objectives.
The decision to leave MLNG and all friends here has not come easy. It is a fulfilling experience while in here. Process 3 (05-07), MDD (08), Process 1 (09), Material & Corrosion (10-11). Countless of TA. I learn from the job that I did and much more from people I work and met in the plant. I always believe that we should be happy while in the job by doing what we like best. Else, all the work that we did is half bake. If people do not find what he want (job satisfaction, pay, family time, skill, etc) in his current job, maybe it is worth to really think about it, discuss and move on. Do not complain and jeopardise your work. MLNG and Petronas deserve better. They are the pillar of this beloved country.
My family and I may unintentionally offend some of you while we’re here. Something which I regret myself if there is. Therefore, my family and I would like to take this opportunity especially while Aidifitri is just around the corner to ask for all friends’ forgiveness. May Allah bless you all.
I wish and pray nothing but success for TES/3 and MLNG. Thanks