6193's Raya 2011 Visitors

Alhamdullillah. Thank you to all our brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandson, granddaughters, relatives, friends and neighbors for spending time visiting us at our newly owned house. In actual case the house is still under decorate. Nevertheless, we were so thankful for what had he granted by Allah swt. Without you guys, our ‘Raya’ will not be as colorful and gratifying.
M Fauzi and 'Wee' enjoyed our home made curry puff (I mean by TwinzBites), beef rendang, beef with black ketchup, 'lemang' - glutinous rice cooked inside bamboo stick, etc. Wee is working in Kuching and celebrating the Raya with her husband M Fauzi - an entrepeneur in Miri together with their son Darwish.
Natrah aka Natty and her husband Firdaus and the rest of her brothers flew all the way from KL celebrating Raya with their granny, our auntie popular known as Ngah Jijah at Piasau Jaya 1.
Our big brother Tn Hj A Khalek and families, Hj Masom and families visited us in the evening of the 1st day Raya.
Khairullah aka Aerol, our brother and his family visited us on the second day of the Eid.
Hhj Hamiah, Siti Asmah, Farah, Siti Fauziah and family spent quite sometime at our house during the second day Raya.
Alhamdullillah..Allah hu Akbar.. Allah hu Akbar..Allah hu Akbar Wallillah Hil Hamd.