what an experience::my trajet BREAKDOWN@05:35hours


Last weekend I’d decided to fly back and spend my weekend with my beloved family in Bintulu. I bought the flight ticket last minute but lucky me, the fare is still fair! Thanks AirAsia, you really have made everyone can fly. Kudos to the head honcho, none other than Datuk Tony Fernandez.
This time, I woke up as early at 04:45 hours and at 05:16 I was already at the KLCC’s car park warming up my eight years old machine – Trajet. Alhamdullillah, after one week idling under the roof of KLCC, the MPV hesitantly kicked off. Just after crossing the traffic light to Jalan Tun Razak tunnel, the machine produced a very irritating screeching sound, suspected from the belting system. I turned off the air-condition unit with the intention to stop the sound, true enough the sound subsided. Not after 15 minutes or about 10 km driving, somehow or rather, my eyes sighted the engine temperature gauge indicated me an abnormal situation. I prayed before Allah swt seeking His help to avoid any unwanted circumstances. At one time, when the temperature dropped and stabilized, I’ve decided to drive on at low speed. However, it was just for a while when the temperature started to deteriorating that forced me to stop at the nearby Rest and Refresh (R&R) Sri Kembangan. Lucky me, alhamdullillah, praise only to Allah swt, at that odd hours, the R & R was still in operation. Took my breath and went straight to the toilet – refreshing and draining my contaminated urine. The ETD of AK 5141 – my flight to Bintulu was at 07:30 hours. Time ticking!.... Alhamdullillah, Zailan answered my call and to cut the long story short, Zailan arrived 20 minutes later to the scene. What else should I say?; “Thank you Zailan, you are such a great person”.