He's a MAN now....alhamdullillah


Khitān (Arabic: ختان‎) is the term for male circumcision carried out as an Islamic rite, to introduce males into Islam and as a sign of belonging to the wider Islamic community. It is also referred to by the term Taharah, 'purity'.
On 19.12.2011, my forth son was smoothly and safely circumcised by Dr Mark Jeevan of Columbia Asia Bintulu. Alhamdullillah. After been ‘rejected’ by one of the famous doctors in Miri, I’d decided to put him under full anesthesia and after all it is all borne by my beloved company. We went to the hospital around 10:00 am and after about 5 minutes of consultation with Dr Mark plus few administrative matters, he was brought to the operation theatre around 11:30 am (after about 35 minutes at his first class single bedded room). 3 hours after that, he came out (with his weak smile) from the operation room. Few minutes later, a nurse put him under oxygen analyzer to monitor his oxygen level in his body. I went to my office after the staff nurse confirmed that he is ‘ok’! And that was around 13:52 hours.
Above photo::Lovely Mom and cute Sis. Afiqah rendered their moral support and motivation. Muslims are currently the largest single religious group to practice widespread circumcision. However, it is not a condition for converting to Islam or carrying out religious duties.[The Qur'an itself does not mention circumcision. In the time of Prophet Muhammad saw (peace be upon him), circumcision was carried out by many Arabian tribes, among them Jews and Christians for religious reasons. The ritual dates back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad saw (peace be upon him). According to tradition Prophet Muhammad saw (peace be upon him) was born without a foreskin (aposthetic). Many of his early disciples were circumcised to symbolise their inclusion within the emerging Islamic community. These facts are mentioned several times in the hadith. Some hadith group circumcision with the ‘fitra’ (acts considered to be of a refined person). Other such acts include: clipping or shaving pubic hair, cutting nails, cleaning teeth, plucking or shaving the hair under the armpits and clipping (or trimming) the moustache. (Reported in the hadiths of Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.)