The Eve of Syawal 2011 by JKIM

Alhamdullillah, after successfully launched the Road to Lalitul Qadar (R2LQ) campaign a month back, we managed to organize another R2LQ agenda that we called the Eve of Syawal (EoS). The idea is to promote the change of mindset of our people when entering the last 10 days of Ramadhan and subsequently celebrating Eid el Fitr. Apart from that, it was in a way providing opportunities for staff to refresh and clarify their thoughts about the relevance of Ramadan, Syawal, etc. Moderated by Abg Zayd, the EoS was attended by almost 100 staff during the lunch break inside the complex. What we had learnt from the two prominent figures Sheikh Ahamd Mukkarom and his X Student Sheikh Ariffin during the dialogue, were basically Ramadan has made us to become more disciplined person in term of time management, compliance to rules and guidelines, and patience-tolerable; educated us on the importance of managing our ‘nafs’ or desire – since all the devils were jailed, besides our character, it is always our ‘nafs’ or desire that influence us to do bad things; Ramadan had also made us realized how the less fortunate people survived this worldly life and how Allah swt has Blessed us with all the wealth and health for us help each other; Ramadan is a month where Allah swt opened His Jannah or Heaven, Listen to our prayers and repentant, is a month in my language cleansing up our sins. During the last 10 days of Ramadhan, we were supposed to put our maximum efforts and full gear to seek and gain Allah swt’s Blessing, Rahmah and Baraqah that He promised us…and, Allah swt will always fulfill His Promise. However, unfortunately, sad to say, most of us when come to the last phase of Ramadan, all the good efforts or deeds were gradually slowed down and people were started focusing on something that are not even specify in our religious requirement. It is very much different when people (or when the same person) involve in sport activities, business deal, or other worldly routines, when come to last phase of the race, for example, cycling, 100 meters sprint or swimming, everyone will exert their full energy mentally and physically to beat others or at least their own best time or score. O Almighty Allah Rabbul Jalil, grant us the strength and will to observe your rules and requirement for us to smoothly continue our journey before we reach the aimed destination.