15.7.2007 minus 15.7.1995


Born in 15th of July 1995, sandwiched between his eldest brothers and younger brother Muhammad Aiman & sister Afiqah, this genius, cute and extrovert little baby is the third member of our family. Jovial, talented and has entertaining feature, has made him -Muhammad Asri the center of attraction amongst his friends, relatives and Yayasan Yusuf clan.
He was born in Miri, grown up in Bintulu for 5.5 years and spent another 6 years in Terengganu before he moved to Egypt.
In sync with his name - Asri – literally means ‘with regards to time’, is very committed with his assignments; punctual; active in extra curricular activities like futsal, football, marathon, Tae Kwon Do, Athletics; Badminton, Ping Pong, Chess and mind you, he is potential orator. Perhaps a future Yayasan Yusuf’s lawyer!
He has won several medals, trophies, prizes and certificates during various competitions that he attended in schools as well as others. Recently he won Champion title during the 16 KM Montaza – Quatbay marathon organized by Rotary Club Alexandria chapter. Really, these achievements contradict his skinny feature!! Keep it up, son.
Like his brothers, he had went through a strenuous bumpy road; suffocated by the unhealthy climate and confronted with thorny obstacles. Again, I must mention this was due to my poor navigation skill in which alhamdullillah, the water is clam, the wind blow softly over the beautiful garden of one of the Yayasan Yusuf members. Despite all those bad experiences, he is very persistent, obedient, and diligent with the gifted positive proactive attitude as well as soft kind heart. He can easily shed his tears tough, even he missed his homework. In his school - the British School of Alexandrai http://www.bsalex.net/ he is one of the macho kids admired by the 'ladies'. Now, for his birthday present, we fix his teeth with Dr. Amr stainless steel braces. Go Asri...!