VVIP Visit to Building 46 Kafr Abdou


We were very grateful and touched by the VVIP visit – YB Dato’ Wan Abdul Wahab B Wan Sanusi, state assemblymen of Sadong Jaya, Samarahan , Sarawak and his entourage from the State Government of Sarawak to our humble apartment at Kafr Abdou. They were escorted by the Senior Sarawakian El-Azhar students Aminuddin; Adi and Idris. We shared some concerns and opinions about the Muslim community in Sarawak and their subscription to the Islamic principles and practices. Concerted efforts need to be exerted to enhance and promote the Islamic principles to the community.
Islam came to Sarawak in the late 50s’, however, the real sense of the understanding and better subscription of the true religion was only observed in the late 80s’. There were few Sheikh or religious teacher tried to spread the Islamic knowledge to the Muslims which was about 20% of the whole 1 million Sarawak populations in the early 70s’. But, the activity was confined to certain cluster due to skepticism; custom and communication. It was later in the late 70s’ where the Chief Minister then, Tun Abdul Rahman formed the first religious association named Angkatan Nahdatul Islam Bersatu abbreviated as BINA. The main objective was to promote the Islamic values to Muslim teenagers through various programs like martial art, visits, etc. Later, other Islamic association like ABIM came to Sarawak with the same intent.The entourage spent about 4 hours with us coincidently during the month of Ramadhan. Thank you Dato's.